3 Dangers of Having Rats at Home

Your kids may love Mickey and Minnie Mouse, but for sure, you wouldn’t want to share your home with mice or rats, which are considered by many as dangerous creatures. Why? Because aside from they can ruin some of your belongings, such as clothes, they can also carry diseases that could affect you and your loved ones.


To give you a better understanding of how important it is to get rid of rats, let us take a look at the dangers that they can pose.

They Carry Deadly Diseases

Yes, these rodents could be a host to deadly diseases, such as Hantavirus or HPS. If a human being comes in contact with the saliva, urine, or droppings of an infected rat, they could suffer from the said disease. But take note that the symptoms may not show until 4 to 5 weeks later.

Hantavirus is a life-threatening disease. Therefore, it is a must that you eliminate the rats that might have invaded your home.

They Could Cause Allergies

Studies have shown that the urine and droppings of mice could also trigger allergies. This could cause asthma not only to small children but also to adults.

Furthermore, another sign that you might have a rodent infestation in your home is if you are starting to see skin rashes that you do not know what the cause is. Other signs include itching, difficulty in breathing, and stuffy nose. If you experience any of these symptoms for an extended period of time, you need to consult with a specialist.

They Can Damage Your Home

eating woodThe disadvantages of having rats in your home are not limited to health problems since they can also cause serious damages to your belongings as well as your house itself.

Rats and mice are known to eat just about anything that they see even woods. They can gnaw at card boards and insulation, including electrical wiring, which is quite dangerous. Once they damage your home, it could cause a huge headache on your part. They can even ruin your clothing, shoes, and even your couch.

The list of damages that can be caused by rats is endless, so in order for you to avoid more serious problems, you should find a way to get rid of this type of pest as soon as possible.…